• About

    I am Thit Bitsch, an artist living and working from Copenhagen in Denmark.

    I work in a variety of different media to express my stories and ideas. I want my work to formulate a deeper meaning that can change the world for the better and I want people to feel engaged and hopefully inspired to open up for the curiosity that I believe that all humans share in a common deeper understanding.

    I have a background in graffiti, installation-artwork and music but in the last couple of years my sphere of interests has grown to include comics.


    My field of expertise is in visual storytelling and my ability to link a strong story or concept with an equal strong visual communication. I work both analog and digital and I like the different potentials of the two.


    In my spare time I play music, meditate and read a lot of books.


    In the future I would like to work with a lot of different subjects, media and ways of visual communication, whether it is album covers, comics, background design, character design, world building and etc. As long as there is a strong story or concept I will be up for the task.

    Education and experience
    2021: Intern as illustrator for the danish newspaper Information
    2017-2021: Studied Graphic Storytelling at the Animation Workshop
    2019: Censor at Toulouse Lautrec animation school in Peru, Lima
    2014-2017: Visual HF an education at The Animation Workshop – Experimental Theater Carte Blanche
    2013: Byhøjskolen in Århus (artschool in Århus)

    Skill list

    Character design
    Background design
    World building
    Comic art/Sequential storytelling
    Self publishing
    Teaching – Drawing/comics/coquis/mentoring